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Business Video Card - Submission

General Business Info

Business Questions (These questions may be asked during the shoot)

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The intro of your video will consist of 1 to 2 sentences introducing yourself and your business. This is where the viewer will see who you are. If you would like to say something else please prepare it prior to shooting.


What is your business

This section of the video is where you explain your business to the viewer. This will be achieved through questions we will ask you in the form of an interview during filming. We want this to feel natural and comfortable. In our editing process we can edit out sections and move things to achieve the best final result. Throughout this section we will be showing off your business with footage we have taken while your voice over is over top of it.



The outro of the video will be you telling the viewer where they can book or contact you. This will be paired up with a visual call to action.

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