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Miracle Boxing (Documentary)

This piece was done following a boxer named Miracle where we follow his journey to one of his biggest fights for the championship title.

  • 1. Pre Production

    One of the keys to a successful short video production is planning. The better you plan ahead, the easier it is to avoid wasted time, repetition and better content.

    We help create a concept and or script so we can plan any words needed and actions beforehand, ensuring that everything that happens in the video will be planned and purposeful. This also allows everyone to be on the same page. 


    During production, it is important to have the right gear and team behind for the project. With our team, we make sure we have the right people for the right job to ensure everything is done within the budget while keeping the quality up and achieving all the goals and plans laid out in "Pre-Production"

    During production we make sure to keep you updated and if you want you can be alongside us throughout the whole process.

  • 3. Post Production

    During Post Production, we bring back all our footage and throughout our team, we go through stages of the edit. Once we have all the clips lined up scene by scene we will send you it so you can see where we are at and discuss any changes that need to be done.

    From there we will add sound and do a final colour grade. Then we will work together to get to a final product that we are both very happy with and can share with the world.

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